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Communications with Medical Professionals:
MRs -- the bridge between POLA PHARMA and doctors

POLA PHARMA's team of MRs (Medical Representatives) is distributed through 12 Area Offices which cover the whole of Japan. There, they bring enthusiasm and commitment to their tasks of introducing and supporting our company's quality medicines and dermocosmetic products in the domestic market.

Training of our MRs focuses on the dermatological field. Equipped with professional knowledge developed through a variety of training sessions and academic reports, MRs visit medical institutions to provide accurate information on the company's medical products.

However, their role is not limited to explaining the quality, efficacy, safety and the directions for use of POLA PHARMA's drugs. They also provide a wide range of useful academic and health service information which medical professionals would appreciate, and arrange dermocosmetic classes conducted by our beauty advisors for the benefit of doctors and nurses who will be utilizing our dermocosmetic products.

We constantly strive to meet each and every need of medical staff in the dermatological field. We will continue to contribute to enhancement of medical activities through closer communication with the doctors and nurses, based on effort and sincerity.

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