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Research & Development

New Drugs: The quest for innovation and advandced eddicacy

Applying expertise and technology cultivated through the history of POLA and the close cooperation with the domestic and foreign external research institutes, we pursue the basic research and new drug development in the dermatological field. POLA PHARMA's R&D Laboratories is located in Yokohama, Japan. Highly qualified, motivated researchers work ranging from the drug discovery through formulation development to pre-clinical study and clinical development. Every day, the researchers at POLA PHARMA take up the challenge of creating new pharmaceutical solutions not only for the dermatological diseases but also for the demand for healthier and more beautiful skin.

Highly creative researchers dare to explore new frontiers in both technology and techniques. We think that this is the key to the successful discovery of more efficacious and innovative drugs. POLA PHARMA is totally committed to providing a working environment that nurtures and supports this spirit of boldness and creativity.

Drug Discovery Studies

Drug Discovery Studies: Exploring new possibilities

Early and efficient drug discovery is imperative in the creation of new drugs to treat and relieve sufferers. Based on the dermatological research expertise and technology in that POLA Chemical Industries, Inc.has cultivated over many years, we at POLA PHARMA have built up original disease models and screening systems for drug discovery in the dermatological field. Technologies such as proteomic analyses and DNA analysis are used to identify and characterize therapeutic targets (proteins, genes). Then, compounds are designed to elucidate the effective substance that works directly on the target.

Once the effective substance is elucidated, design, chemical synthesis and screening are performed repeatedly, together with verification studies on the substance’s efficacy, stability and safety, until the ideal compound for the drug is formulated. To expedite these operations, we use the latest equipment and technologies, including Structure Based Drug Design (SBDD) and Structure Activity Relationship (SAR).

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Formulations Development: Making drugs more user-friendly

Most drugs are administered either orally or by injection. However, topical drugs offer many advantages that are not found in those forms of administration. They work locally, have less effect on intestinal absorption and produce fewer systemic side effects. Topical drugs are also recognized as an effective administration solution for patients who have difficulty taking oral medication due to weakened swallowing function.

A topical drug is applied directly on the afflicted area of the skin, although that may not always be the true location of the drug target. To treat tinea (athlete’s foot), for example, the drug has to be designed so that the effective ingredient remains longer in the horny cell layer, where the targeted fungal lurks. We are working around the clock to realize better drug formulations that promise high efficacy and minimal side effects by controlling the effective ingredient in the skin and delivering the necessary substance to the relevant part of the body.

Although all our drugs come with the assurance of high reliability, safety and effectiveness, we don’t stop there. We also focus on such details as achieving the most comfortable texture for the user. We believe that, by combining input from doctors and patients with various data on skin condition and drug formulation know-how, we can realize the ideal drug solution.

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